Native Plant Tours

For those of you who want to learn more about the many uses of the native plants of our area, make arrangements to join us for a guided tour.  Learn of one plant you can use to build a shelter, wash your clothes, and then make a little something to eat.  You can also learn how to rid yourself of Montezuma's revenge with another plant, and why you should never make a necklace with the seeds of another of our popular native plants.  Upon request, tours can focus on your particular interest whether it be medicinal plants, edible plants, fiber plants, birds, butterflies, or other interesting critters who reside here at the ranch.  

Tour prices vary with the size of the group:

  • 15 persons or more - $15.00 per person (children half price)
  • less than 15 - $225.00 per tour

Tours are generally limited to 30 people.  We can accommodate larger groups, but special arrangements must be made.    Special tours are available for school groups of at least 20 at $5.00 per student.  If it is a morning tour, have the children bring a sack lunch to enjoy on the patio.

Regular tours last for two hour.  If scheduled for the morning, arrive a few minutes early to enjoy coffee and pan dulce.  If you join us on a weekend, you may get to sample a dish prepared with a native plant.

If you don't have a group of 15, but still want to come on a tour at the lower rate, let Benito know and he can let you know when there is a group coming that you can join.

Rancho Lomitas Native Plant Nursery