Rancho Lomitas Native Plant Nursery
Winter is approaching and it's too late to plant tender plants, however, native trees and scrubs can still be planted until January.  If you are interested in adding a native tree or scrub to your landscape, call or email to find out if we have what you are looking for in our Native Plant Nursery.

Join us during the holiday season on a Native Plant Tour.  We are excited to offer regularly scheduled tours this year in addition to specially reserved tours.  Book your Native Plant Tours now.

Benito and Toni Trevino invite you to visit!

Jim, our resident naturalist, has published dozens of articles on the "wild things" one can find in South Texas.  Read one of his articles on Jim's Wild Things page.

What does Rancho Lomitas offer?

  • Learn about  the native plants and animals of South Texas on one of our tours
  • Rent one of our casitas for a long weekend or a month
  • Shop for native plants for your own native landscape
  • Custom order native plants to attract more wildlife to your property
  • Find a  quiet place to park your RV
  • Relax, watch birds and butterflies, and enjoy the outdoors

If you are looking for quiet comfort with nature all around you, our casitas are just what you are looking for.  Each casita is fully furnished including a fully stocked kitchen.  All you need to bring is your favorite food and drink!

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Want to spend more time here at Rancho Lomitas?  Come stay in one of our RV sites.  They all have 50 and 20 amp connections, water, and sewer.  Five of our sites also have 30 amp connections.  The site above is one of our most requested.