Rancho Lomitas Native Plant Nursery

Benito and Toni Trevino invite you to visit!

Jim, our resident biologist, has published dozens of articles on the "wild things" one can find in South Texas.  Read one of his articles on Jim's Wild Things page.

Want to spend more time here at Rancho Lomitas?  Come stay in one of our RV sites.  They all have 50 amp connections, water, and sewer.  The site above is one of our most requested.

The mesquite has flushed with green and the wildflowers are just starting to bloom at the ranch.  Book your Native Plant Tours now.

What does Rancho Lomitas offer?

  • Learn about  the native plants and animals of South Texas on one of our tours
  • Shop for native plants for your own native landscape
  • Custom order native plants to attract more wildlife to your property
  • Find a  quiet place to park your RV
  • Relax, watch birds and butterflies, and enjoy the outdoors
With the recent local rains, it is a perfect time to plant here in South Texas.  Even native plants need a chance to get established before the summer heat sets in, so plant now.  We have plenty of native plants available for your landscape in our Native Plant Nursery.