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   Benito and Toni Trevino invite you to visit!

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   Rancho Lomitas is a little piece of paradise located on one hundred seventy-seven acres of native Tamaulipan brushland in Starr County, Texas near Rio Grande City.  When the ranch was purchased by Benito and Toni Trevino in 1986, much of the land and much of the brush was damaged by overgrazing.  Since that time, Benito has dedicated himself to restoring the health of the brush and educating others regarding the importance of preserving this often overlooked but integral part of the local heritage  and culture.  As a result of landscaping with native plants near the main house, Benito has created a haven for Audubon's orioles, green jays, verdins, black-throated sparrows, and many other species associated with the thorny brush.


     For more information, contact:

      Benito Trevino and Toni Trevino at P.O. Box 442, Rio Grande City, TX  78582, or call (956) 486-2576, or email us at info@rancholomitas.com.